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A night at the theatre

August 8, 2022

One of the other things Becky and I used to do together a lot was go to the theatre and it’s something we always do when I’m over for a visit. Some time in early July I’d looked to see what was on in the west end and all I could seem to find were musicals. (Believe it or not, a musical version of Pretty Woman is currently running.) I knew there had to be something better than that on offer, so got in touch with Becky. She had, she told me, recently been to see Mark Rylance in Jerusalem. Oh, my god, I replied, are you up for seeing it again? She might have been, but the cheapest tickets while I was there were £75. Okay, no to that. As an alternative she suggested this.

Well, it certainly sounded interesting and I’ve always liked Alex Jennings, so I checked on the Bridge Theatre website and – holy moly! – there were front row seats available for one of the evenings we were considering for £25! Told her to book them immediately and dinner would be on me.

I thought I’d left plenty of time to walk from Waterloo to Tower Bridge to meet Becky for dinner at Cantina del Ponte, but it was further than I remembered. She was there quite a while before me and thus got the seat with this view.

The Bridge Theatre is relatively new. It opened in 2017 and this will be my first visit. It is a lovely theatre – especially when you have seats like this.

The play was fucking brilliant. I absolutely loved it. One of the best nights at the theatre I’ve had in a long time.

I really didn’t need a cherry on the icing on the cake, but I got it when we walked out of the theatre to be greeted by this sight across the river.

And this.

Long time since I’ve had a London moment like this. It felt like I was in the middle of a Richard Curtis film.

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