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A day in town

June 4, 2022

Forced (because I couldn’t persuade anyone else to do the errand) to go into town yesterday for the first time this year. On the plus side, I got to check out one of the new ferries that in April replaced our much loved and often denigrated geriatric ferry.

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Normally, on the rare occasions when I am compelled to go to town, I stay in the car and read during the 20 minute trip. Yesterday it was drizzling when I left the house, but the sun came out as the ferry departed.

So I decided to stay on the “sun deck” after having a wee look around at the rest of the facilities.

The clouds were amazing.

None of these photos do them justice.

Town was typical. I can only navigate with ease to the mall where the Bay is located and the mall where Sears used to be located (which is also where the two multiplex cinemas are). The actual errand that occasioned this trip was at neither of these locations, so, as always, I got lost, although not for long.

Seeing as I had no choice about going, I figured I might as well sort out some other things.

Although it was a bit of a faff, I managed to get a new strap for Mickey.

I was also on a mission to find a pair of summer shoes. I know for a fact that I will be going to see at least one play (All’s Well That Ends Well at the Festival Theatre in Stratford, no less) and I’m sure I will have dinners out when I’m in the UK in August. The sort of thing that requires something a bit dressier than sandals or trainers. There are two shops in the Bay mall that sell Clarks and other makes of shoes that don’t destroy your feet while you’re breaking them in. Or, as it turns out, there were two shops. Both have disappeared. Bugger. Oh, but what’s this I see as I am walking through the Bay to get back to the car? A Clarks sign on the wall. Oh, look – dressyish black summer shoes. And they’re on sale!

All things considered, definitely not a wasted day.

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