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Another one bites the dust

February 2, 2022

After a vote of no confidence by the MPs in his party this morning, Mr Potato Head is no longer leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. His sin? (Other than losing the last election to Justin Trudeau?) He’d promised to run as a “true blue conservative” then shifted to the middle ground. Apparently there is no middle ground left.

The last time they booted a leader out (the dimpled devil) they appointed a woman as interim leader, who did a pretty damn good job. Unfortunately, as interim leader she couldn’t run for the top job, which I suspect many Tories belatedly realised was a mistake. God knows what poor sucker they’ll get now.

This reminds me of the British Tories in the 2000s, who, as I wrote a couple of years ago, changed leaders almost as often as their underwear. With a layover for David Cameron until he held the Brexit referendum then ran away like the shit he was when it narrowly passed, leaving Theresa May (who’d voted against Brexit) to pick up the pieces and paving the way for his braggadocious Bullingdon Club pal to enter Number 10. Johnson is, of course, now embroiled in Partygate and there are rumblings, but, honestly, who the hell would want the job and the mess Bojo the Clown will leave behind?

Once upon a time there were two political parties in Canada: the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives. And, yes, they were actually reasonably progressive. Then, during the Depression, the social democrats of the prairies formed their own party which eventually became the New Democratic Party. And that was that until the 1990s when, as I’ve also previously written, all hell broke loose in Canadian politics and the right was split between the fiscally PCs and the extremely socially conservative Reform party. The latter won in the end and almost everything progressive about the party that formed from a merger disappeared.  

Although no one as frightful as the Wankmaggot has yet to emerge from the mire (one reality star did throw his hat in the ring last time, but quickly withdrew), one shudders to think what will happen next.

Like the once relatively sane Republican Party south of the border, the Conservatives in Canada are being held hostage by their lunatic fringe, like those involved in or supporting the current Freedumb rally in Ottawa. The Tories are walking a tightrope. Waiting in the wings, like Preston Manning and his Reform Party in the 1990s, is Maxime Bernier and his nutjob People’s Party. The Conservative lunatic “fringe” is now the large percentage of their membership who elected the anti-choice, homophobic dimpled devil as leader and helped Mr Potato Head, after he reached out to them, gain the party’s top position.

I’m not sure there is a sane Tory left to enter this new leadership race. I am sure, as with the Republicans, there is no sane Tory who could win. 

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  1. Catherine Stewart permalink

    A gong show, for sure. And scary to think who might replace the Tool. Meanwhile, the Ottawa shit show continues but at least some citizens are embracing mockery. Two of my favourite signs confronting truckers: Honk if you love Trudeau and Honk if you have a tiny penis. And a most excellent tweet: They should call it the Canada Goose Convoy – all it amounts to is honking and shitting everywhere.

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