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Sunny day

January 22, 2022

Yes, the sun came out yesterday for the first time in a while and with it came the realisation that the daffs and croci and hyacinths are coming up. Decided to have my first foray into the garden for months. 

The first buds are appearing on the dwarf apple and lilac trees and a couple of the blueberry bushes. I need to get down there again today to prune the roses and the wild blackberry. I won’t say the worst of winter is behind us, because it’s only January and there’s still plenty of time for more dumps of snow, but it does make one feel hopeful.

After a misty walk on Tuesday, a sun—peeping-through-the-trees walk with Georgie and Joe. This one closer to the coast and, oh, what’s that over there? The coastal mountains have reappeared across the strait! 

This walk is one that leads to the bottom of the island’s most impressive (in winter and spring) waterfall. It’s not easy to take a picture that does it justice. 

Joe tried and failed to get Georgie to pose nicely for me, but she wasn’t having it. In the absence of ball throwing, everything in the woods has become more interesting to her than whatever Joe wants her to do.

Signs of snow damage are everywhere with trees of all sizes felled by the weight in the woods and across the paths. 

There’s a reason this island is known as the rock, because rock is what you get almost everywhere close to the surface.

These roots may not be a mile wide, but they are certainly only a few inches deep. 

The snow also took out the tree near the entrance to the park and one can only admire the professionalism of whoever attached the warning sign.

Yes, still attached, although rather harder to read.

Fortunately the snow didn’t take down the lost and found tree, so someone might still be able to retrieve their glasses and this spoon.

After the walk in the woods, the afternoon became about wood, but I’ll save that for tomorrow as I really have to get the secateurs out and go deal with the roses.

Instead I’ll leave you with the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

As I said when I posted this on Facebook the other day, I wonder how long it took the cast of Line of Duty to agree to this? I’m guessing a minute. Probably less.

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