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A winter trudge

January 8, 2022

It wasn’t a slosh through the slush yesterday with Georgie and Joe. It was a trudge through wet snow.

Thank heavens for my new boots. According to my tracker I did 6,364 steps yesterday. That doesn’t account for the slog. I think it’s safe to double that amount for energy output.

Poor Georgie is in need of a visit to the vet. Sometimes, after a particularly energetic (and acrobatic) session of ball chasing, she has been limping. It didn’t happen often and she was always fine a day or two later. Lately it’s been happening quite regularly which is a bit concerning.

So, no ball hurling for her yesterday. Fine with Georgie. After a few minutes of confusion, wondering when the ball was going to appear, she happily started bounding through the snow (if stupid WordPress would still let me insert videos, you could see), rolling in it, sticking her face in…

 … and generally having a fine old time.

Hopefully the vet will establish the problem and be able to sort it out. Joe’s worry is that she will require surgery. It’s not the expense (which will be considerable) he worries about, but the inevitable period of enforced inactivity afterwards. She is such an incredible bundle of energy. She won’t understand and will take being reined (or leashed) in as some sort of punishment. Poor thing. Hope it will be a quick fix. Fingers crossed.

I know I said I was going to try to write something every day this month, but I’m having a day off tomorrow. Joe, who has Disney+ has invited me over for a marathon.

No, not the running kind.

Not sure we’ll make it through all eight hours, but we’re going to take a run at it. (So, I suppose there is some running involved.)

It’s like a trip back to my adolescence/teens this week.

First the news yesterday morning that Sidney Poitier had died. My friend Angelika and I were mad about him. We must have seen To Sir, With Love 20 times. In fact I got the news in a message from her.

The American voice over is bloody annoying, but the memories are there. Have to find out where I can rewatch it as it turns out I do not have the DVD copy I thought I did.

And then in the afternoon an invitation to go down memory lane with the Beatles.

See you Monday. 

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