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Pie in the sky

November 5, 2021

Okay, this is going to be short and sweet, as I have very little time before I have to head for Joe’s place. 

I made a fabulous discovery this week.

Last month I decided (largely because I kept seeing trailers for a show with David Tennant and wither David goes I, if I can, follow) to subscribe to Acorn. 

The Tennant show was great, as was a show called Manhunt, featuring the most restrained performance I’ve ever seen from Martin Clunes. 

A couple of nights ago, when I was having a look to see what else might be of interest, I stumbled across this.

Yes, Pie in the Sky, a series starring my old friend Richard Griffiths.

I was long gone from London when this show aired in the UK and, sadly, had long since lost touch with Richard. The show was never picked up over here, so I hadn’t never seen it. 

It’s not that great to be honest, strictly cosy Sunday night mystery fare, like Midsomer Murders, but it’s appeared at the perfect time in a year when Richard (and his involvement in helping me produce a script for BBC radio back in the eighties) has been much on my mind. 

There is still no way for me to let him know that script finally became a play this year, but it has been absolutely wonderful seeing him again the past couple of nights. And, with five series of the show available on Acorn, I’ll be able to pop in on him regularly for quite a while.

A Divine Comedy wasn’t just pie in the sky, Richard. I hope the giant cocktail party in the sky that is my vision of heaven does exist, that you’re there and that you know.

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  1. janeshead permalink

    Had no idea you knew him! I discovered this show a wee while back, in quest of something light and mindless to replace Midsomer Murders, and it totally fit the bill. I’ve always enjoyed him as an actor, especially as Uncle Monty in Withnail and I.

  2. Donna permalink

    Manhunt was really good and you’re so right about the restrained performance from Martin Clunes. I thought he did a great job.
    Ah yes….Richard Griffiths. A very fine actor. Nice that you discovered that gem 🙂

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