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Spooky walk

October 30, 2021

A beautiful, crisp autumn day.

With so many fir and cedar trees around, it’s easy to think of this as an evergreen island. This is the time of year when we realise quite how many maples there also are. 

Joe and I can’t resist kicking the leaves. Georgie has fun in them, too.

So close to Halloween there was only one possible destination for our walk. 

There are, of course, many cases of woodland whimsy to be found all over the island, but this particular trail has more than its fair share.

One very big, very old maple is home to fairy houses.

There’s the wonderful flora on this old stump that makes it look like a fairy garden.

Off the trail there’s another stump which is always circled by branches.

No one knows quite what goes on here, but there are rumours…

This obviously didn’t happen by accident.

I wonder what it means?

Two interesting things in this photo.

First, who built the stone pile on this stump. Second, there was enough life left after it was cut down for the tree to start trying to repair the damage by covering the wound in bark. 

Oh, there’s another interesting thing. What’s that sign in the background?

Good to know. Georgie ignores the sign and starts searching, but fails to find any goblins.

This isn’t the only warning.

And this one has teeth!

Fortunately we made it out alive.

Happy Halloween!e

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  1. krysross permalink

    I envy you these walks. Love the fairy village.

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