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Whinny and poo

October 16, 2021

My friend Robert left yesterday in time for me to have my usual Friday walk with Georgie and Joe. We decided on one of my favourite destinations, a stroll that starts with this sign at the beginning of the trail.

I wouldn’t think you’d need a sign to tell you to yield to horses. They’re pretty bloody big. But the sign is there. As, too, are signs of horses. 

The first of many piles of poo spotted (and avoided) yesterday. 

The obligatory photo of Georgie in the ferns. She is not averse to treating horse poo as an unexpected treat, so it’s important to keep an eye on her and an eye out for horse deposits.

Eventually we run into not one, not two, but three horses!

Of course you can’t tell that from this photo, which only looks like there was one horse. Fortunately I snapped two of them as they were going past.

This is Zola.

This is Donnie.

And, although I didn’t manage to snap him going past, later we caught up with Darby having a roadside snack.

I’ve never seen anyone actually riding any of these horses. Whenever we run into one or two (or three!) of them, they are always being led by someone. 

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve written about this trail. On that occasion I included this photo, the last one ever taken of me on a horse.

When we first encountered a horse and owner on this walk, I asked if anyone on the island offered trail rides. Apparently once upon a long ago time there was someone who did, but trail rides have not been available since. I’m not entirely sure I could still mount a horse, let alone survive a gallop, but, gee, it would be nice to try. 

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