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Leaving Fido alone

September 29, 2021

Back in the 1990s I worked for a while for a small environmental group that, amongst other things, took the Greater Vancouver Regional District to court over violations of the federal fisheries act caused by its failure to adequately treat its sewage discharge. The first 11 times I went to court the GVRD asked for and was granted an adjournment. I went back to the office and wrote a press release, the heading of which was “GVRD 11, Fish O”. A little with later Ian Gill from the CBC rang me to ask for more details. At one point he asked me what the GVRD was actually doing. After a moment’s pause I said, “Well, basically, Ian, they’re making long lingering love to Fido.” He laughed and asked if he could steal my line. I told him he was welcome to it. And, indeed, he did use the line in his report that night.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t spend your day fucking the dog. Or, in my case, playing endless computer games.

Yesterday I did my filing – some of which went back to last December.

I did a load of laundry and switched over to the winter bedding.

Stella, who loves the big, thick winter duvet, immediately claimed the bed.

I borrowed my neighbour’s stepladder so I could take down and wash the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and diningroom.

I never use these overhead lights (or the one in the bedroom), never look at them. I don’t remember ever washing them before, so it’s probably been ten years. I doubt I would ever have noticed how filthy and cobweb-covered they were if a dinner guest hadn’t pointed this out to me last December. 

It’s like the filing: You just can’t rush these big jobs.

I also finally got around to cooking the dinner I’d been planning to make on Sunday. 

After I started posting my Sunday dinner pics in a Facebook book group, a few others followed suit. This Sunday-on-Tuesday dinner was inspired by my vegan friend Jane posting a similar photo recently of her veggie bangers and mash dinner. The veggie bangers in question were made by The Very Good Butcher, which, as it happens, are stocked in the very good freezer aisle of my local supermarket. Decided to try them. The texture, I have to say, was a bit odd, but they really were quite tasty. I’m not sure they will replace my traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Bambi bangers and mash, but they just might.

As for the book, not sure where I heard about it, but two chapters in it is, as I knew it would, already making my blood boil. I’ll be ready for a nice murder mystery when I’ve finished. Preferably one in which Rupert Murdoch, the Tangerine Wankmaggot, Tucker Carlson and/or Sean Hannity die a grisly death.

No Fido for me today. A dental appointment, thankfully on the island, to have my sutures from last week removed, then a long overdue haircut. In between, who knows, I might actually get something else done.

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