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September 8, 2021

Today was supposed to be the day I was going to get up on the roof to sweep off the accumulation of twigs and fir cones and needles and to clean out the gutters. This has always been my job. (Mike was not good with heights.) Historically it has been an August job, but…

Yes, Labour (spelled properly) Day has been and gone and there are a great number of unaccomplished things to reflect upon.

Oh, and it’s raining today, so no climbing up on the roof for me. And when I do finally get up there, all the gunk in the gutters will now be sodden. So much more fun than when everything is dry. (Not.)

Yesterday was a beautiful day. In the evening I went to the pub to have dinner with some friends. The view never disappoints.

Well, not on a nice day.

If it was going to rain this week, I assumed it would be tomorrow when I have to get the ferry into town for a dental appointment. 

Yes, it’s time to go back and have my mouth scanned to see if the abscess-eaten bone has regrown (or strengthened or whatever it’s supposed to do) enough for the implant. If it has, I go back in two weeks. I have so far been forced to go to town twice for this procedure. On both occasions it was pouring with rain. The last time was in January. With Covid protocols still in place, they take your temperature upon arrival. When the receptionist took mine, I was so cold from the fifteen minute walk in the freezing rain that I should, technically, have been dead. She allowed me to sit in the waiting room for several minutes before checking again. Back to normal. 

Brief pause while I check the weather forecast. Yes, indeed, it is supposed to pour with rain all day tomorrow. That said, it was supposed to be sunny with cloudy periods today, instead of which it is raining. Perhaps the rain came early? I’m not holding my breath. Not only do I have to leave the island tomorrow for one of my least favourite destinations, but somehow throwing rain into the mix seems inevitable. (Note to self: dig out umbrella.) At least it isn’t January.

So, no climbing ladders for me today. Not to worry. There are plenty of unaccomplished things indoors that I can be getting on with.  

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