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A visitor!

August 31, 2021

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but I had a visitorYes, a visitor! How exciting is that?

A visit from my dear friend Catherine, who I am astonished to realise I have now known for 30 years. How is that possible?

She made the trek (bless her) all the way from her home in the interior, stopping for a couple of days in Vancouver to do some shopping and check out the Van Gogh immersive exhibition.

I confess I am a little bit envious of that, but there will be plenty of galleries to visit in London – if I ever make it back there.

Her first text last Monday suggested she’d be lucky to get here by dinner time, as she hadn’t been able to make a reservation for the main ferry. I thought that gave me plenty of time to write a post before all the hoovering and dusting, but a second text informed me she’d managed to squeeze on to a much earlier favour. The post, which I will now include, was abandoned in favour of making soup. 

Monday, August 23:

Look at all these cherry tomatoes!

From my garden, you ask? Oh, ha, ha, bless you, no.

These are the tomatoes from my garden. Not even enough for one serving of prawns and pasta, which Catherine has requested for a dinner while she’s here. Ergo a trip to the farmers’ market on Saturday to supplement.

I’m also planning to make my favourite summer soup.

Not a bad courgette haul. Unfortunately the one in the middle is the only one produced by the four courgette plants I put in the raised bed back in the spring. A second one, on a second plant withered and died. No sign of anything except male flowers on the two yellow courgettes. Another supplement at the market. Sigh.

Back to the present…

Catherine arrived in time for a late lunch of courgette and gorgonzola soup, which she loved.

I just loved having her here, loved giving and receiving a bear hug. It’s been too long. Catherine, who (once again, bless her) came for my birthday last November, was, in fact, my last visitor. Damn this stupid pandemic and the anti-vaxxers and incompetent governments who are prolonging it.

Anyway, a lovely evening of catching up with prosecco and my “Catherine dinner”, made at her request. 

There have been summers when my blackberry bush has provided so much fruit that I am able to freeze enough to last me until February. This summer is not one of them. A member of the Bad Girls Book Club, who has blackberry bushes up the ying yang on her property, but can’t eat them because she can’t digest the pips, has made it clear that any friend who wants to come and pick blackberries is welcome to them.

Blessing her once again, Catherine agreed to go blackberry picking with me Tuesday morning. No photos were taken, not even of our multiple scratches, but two big bowls of blackberries were picked. 

Her reward was a visit to somewhere she’s never been before on the island – the beaver pond I only found out about last year when I started going for pandemic walks with Joe. 

Being a much more outdoorsy sort than I am, she immediately recognised the beaver dam for what it was. Still, a pleasant walk around the pond.

Tuesday dinner another favourite – my famous smoked salmon risotto, made with a glass of brandy. Yum.

I had thought we might go to my favourite restaurant while she was here (and which we did for my birthday last year), but with the Delta variant rampaging, she was not comfortable with that idea. What she did want, was her favourite of their pizzas for her last dinner here.

Before that there was, of course, a visit to her (and my) favourite spot on the island.

This photo was actually taken a few years ago in the same place (ergo the coats), but you can see why everyone loves this particular provincial park.

Catherine may live in the interior now, but in her heart she is an ocean woman. Thus, in part, her willingness to travel so far to visit me on the coast. I’m not saying my diningroom isn’t perfectly pleasant or my deck, but neither has a water view, which I knew she would appreciate for her last evening here. Fortunately I know someone whose view is going begging at the moment. A quick check with Joe in Winnipeg confirmed that we were welcome to use his deck.

And so a fabulous setting for our dinner that night.

Always so wonderful to have a visitor. Always so sad to say goodbye.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Sounds lovely. Woodfire pizza with an ocean view not least!

  2. Pretty wonderful to have a friend with an ocean view from his deck that he is willing to share! So nice to read of your great visit with your friend. Great post!

  3. Catherine Stewart permalink

    It was a joy to be with you! Thanks for the fabulous dinners, delicious soup, coffees on the deck with finches, jays and woodpeckers, and arranging that ocean view for our pizza night. As always, worth the long drive for good conversation, stories, shared memories, bear hugs, political discussions and our combined horror at the state of the world — and how much better it would be if we women ran everything. You know I’ll always come visit you, even if you’re far away from the ocean! But yes, I cannot deny the ocean is an added enticement. Thanks for the granola recipe and please also send that fab soup recipe too. Best use for zucchini I’ve encountered in years. Yummm! xoxoxo

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