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Wildflower walk

June 19, 2021

The object of yesterday’s walk (aside from throwing the ball for Georgie and enjoying her company) was to check out the progress of the wildflowers in one particular woodland.

A couple of weeks ago the daisies and foxglove were just starting to open up.

If I’d ever known I’d forgotten until the Bad Girls Book Club met this week to discuss the novel I didn’t actually read, that foxglove is a useful plant to have growing in your garden if you want to bump off your husband. 

Of course Georgie isn’t particularly interested in wildflowers, only in her ball.

That said, I do manage to get one photo of her in amongst the daisies.

But when I try again in another field where the daisies are more abundant, she’s less co-operative and has to be told to stay in place for a photo.

This dog is no mug. It seems Juneuary may have turned into June. It’s a beautiful day, temperature up in the high twenties. When we stop to sit on a log and offer her some water, she sloshes it up quickly and then, rather than join us on the log as she usually does, moves a few feet away.

As I said, no mug.  

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