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Not so schitty?

February 25, 2021

When I write off a show or an author I usually do not revisit my decision. This week I made a rare exception.

CBC has a patchy record on original programming. They’ve produced some excellent drama and comedy, but they’ve also produced a lot of crap.

Several years ago, when the network began heavily promoting the introduction of a new comedy series, I was quite intrigued. I mean, it starred Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. What was not to like about that? I still laugh just thinking about Best in Show, the film they made together twenty years ago. I was looking forward to seeing them reunited.

Then I watched the show. What a load of bollocks. Four shallow, completely unsympathetic characters plus a complete fucking idiot mayor. I gave it two episodes and then I gave up. What a waste of talent. What a waste of airtime. The few friends to whom I even mentioned the show all agreed: It was shit.

Then the show hit Netflix and last year (or was it the year before? the pandemic really has warped time) this shitty show swept the Emmys (or was it the Golden Globes? or both?). Best comedy series, best lead actor, best lead actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress. What the fuck?

Then friends in the US and the UK (the UK!) started asking if I’d seen the show. What?!?! How the hell did this crappy show get to be so popular?

I told everyone who asked that I’d given up after two episodes. The last person to ask did acknowledge that, yes, the first series had been a bit lame, but assured me it really hit its stride after that. Hmm.

Obviously everyone’s figured out I’m talking about Schitt’s Creek.

Last night I decided to give it another go. Nothing changed my mind while I was rewatching the first two episodes, but I have to admit that at some point during the third episode something started to shift. The characters began to fill out and become less like caricatures. By the end of the fourth episode I can’t say I particularly liked any of them, but I definitely didn’t hate them as much.

It didn’t make me laugh out loud, but I confess it raised a few smiles.

I’m far from ready to call this best in show, but I have to admit it’s not as schitty as I thought.

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  1. John Galpin permalink

    Keep going! It gets better and better and it won’t take long before you’re feeling sorry it’s over after just 6 seasons!

  2. krysross permalink

    Had the same experience. Gave it another try on Netflix and it was getting better. I’d started watching it with Glenn but then he lost interest and I haven’t gone back though I expect I will at some point.

  3. Donna permalink

    Oh my god, I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this! You have to keep going! I was the same. I almost gave up after ONE episode, let alone two, but other friends assured me it would become one of my favourite shows. I was more than a little skeptical…I mean, most Canadian shows are absolutely terrible. But a few episodes in, I was hooked and couldn’t believe I nearly gave up on this amazing show. I admit I might have bawled my eyes out at the end of the final season.

  4. janeshead permalink

    I’m with Donna! I watched two, didn’t get the hype, went back and watched two more and LOVED IT. And totally bawled my way through the last couple of episodes.

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