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Impeach the fucker

January 9, 2021

The day after the Wankmaggot incited his racist troops to assault the Capitol building, I said there were three choices: (1) Article 25, (2) impeachment or (3) stick him in a bunker until 12:01pm on January 20. There was actually another option: in return for a pardon from Pence, he could resign.

This was drawn to my attention last night whilst watching Rachel Maddow’s show. (That plus the fact that all day long people – both Democrats and Republicans – had been calling on him to do so.) Maddow pointed out the Wankmaggot’s worst fear is apparently ending up in jail, so there is some incentive for him to grab a get out of jail card while he still can. It’s still difficult to imagine him doing it. Especially now that Twitter and Facebook have (shamefully belatedly) cancelled his accounts, limiting his ability to spin his departure directly to his whack job followers.

(As a brief aside, I’ve been picturing Hillary Clinton as commentator after commentator talk about the deplorable behaviour of the Wankmaggot’s followers. I see her asking no one in particular, “Still think I had to apologise for calling them a basket of deplorables?” Well, no, Hillary. I never thought you should apologise for your pinpoint accuracy. What I think is that “basket” should immediately be added to the list of collective nouns, along with “pride” of lions and “murder” of crows.)

Anyway. I can’t picture him leaving voluntarily. Especially as a pardon from Pence only covers the multitude of federal crimes he’s committed. It won’t protect him from the Southern District of New or, quite possibly, the attorney general of Georgia. What I can picture is him fomenting another riot on inauguration day. Not that he’ll be there. (Not that anyone wants him there.) There’s only one place I want to see him.

As for Article 25, Pence doesn’t have the balls. He may have decided to save himself from his own prison sentence by not attempting to overthrow an election, but he isn’t going further risk the wrath of the MAGA heads who wanted to execute him on Wednesday. Besides, I’m not sure “acting” cabinet members are allowed to vote on removing the president nor am I sure, following the self-serving resignations of Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos, if there will be enough confirmed cabinet members left.

And so impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi’s already drawn up the articles of impeachment. (As soon as she finished doing that – or possibly before – she had a nice chat with the head of the joint chiefs of staff to confirm there were actually some checks in place in case the Wankmaggot tried to nuke Iran – of Georgia.) There will be no problem getting the articles passed in the House of Representatives. All Democrats and some Republicans have already said they will vote in favour of impeachment.

What about that weasel Mitch McConnell? (My apologies to actual weasels for any insult.) Well, it seems he’s on board. In a manner of speaking. According to Moscow Mitch a senate trial is fine, as long as it starts one hour after Joe Biden is inaugurated. And one hour after he ceases to be the senate majority leader. What a fucking sack of shit that man is. (Not that this is news to anyone.)

Is there any point in a senate trial for the Wankmaggot after he’s left office? Yes! If he’s found guilty he can never run for federal office again. Never. Now, there may be Republican senators who hitched their wagons to the Wankmaggot’s deranged horse (yes, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, I am looking at you), but there are also a lot of Republican senators who would love to know that asshole could never run for president again.

Yes, you say, but they’d still be too afraid of the MAGA heads to find him guilty, wouldn’t they? And you’d have a point. But (and this is a very big but), as Maddow pointed out last night, they do have an out.

So, yes, chicken shit Republican senators, you can do the right thing. When it’s time to vote to convict, you can just stay at home.

Unless he actually ends up in jail (which he bloody well should), nothing can prevent the Wankmaggot and his rabid army wreaking havoc in the coming months and years. Even if he is in jail, he’s already let loose everything that is truly abhorrent in the American psyche. The Kraken Wakes. They no longer need him as anything but a figurehead. The racists and the QAnon nutjobs are already planning to return to DC on inauguration day, as well as unleashing anarchy elsewhere throughout the land on January 20 – and beyond.  

Too late for the chicken shit Republicans to do anything about that. What they can do is either grow a pair or stay home when the votes are counted. What they can do is ensure there is no possibility whatsoever of the Tangerine Wankmaggot ever running for (never mind winning) the presidency again.

Impeach the fucker.

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