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Missed opportunities

October 23, 2020

There were a lot of whoppers (from the fat fast food fan boy) delivered in last night’s presidential debate, but not a lot of zingers.

It was kind of creepy for the first fifteen minutes watching the Wankmaggot attempt to be restrained (as he’d clearly been told to be), although that didn’t last long. Biden, it must be said did start off kind of sleepy. But even in a restrained voice the Wankmaggot’s lies came thick and fast and even when he was a bit sleepy, Biden’s empathy shone through.

It was Biden, of course, who talked about the empty seat at the dinner table, about the person reaching over instinctively to the now empty half of the bed where their lifelong spouse had slept before being stolen by Covid-19. What a heart warming, almost forgotten idea: a president who acknowledges the pain of the citizens. The contrast to President Blame China couldn’t have been starker.

I know there were things Biden was told by his debate team that he should under no circumstances do. For example, I know he was told that when the Wankmaggot inevitably started in on Hunter he should not point at Ivanka and the other Trump siblings sitting in the audience and say, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I know this, because he didn’t do it, although I really wished he had.

Still, taking the high road won’t have done him any harm when he turned to the camera instead and said, There’s a reason he’s bringing up all this malarkey. There’s a reason for it. He doesn’t want to talk about the substantive issues. It’s not about his family” (okay, a tiny dig there) “or my family – it’s about your family, and your family is hurting badly. If you’re a middle-class family, you’re sitting at the kitchen table this morning deciding, well, we can’t get new tires, they’re bald because we have to wait another month or so, or are we going to be able to pay the mortgage, or who’s going to tell her she can’t go back to community college? They’re the decisions you’re making in the middle-class families like I grew up in, Scranton and Claymont. We should be talking about your families, but that is the last thing he wants to talk about.”  Obviously a well-rehearsed line, but effective nonetheless.

There were other things I wish Biden had said.

When the Wankmaggot made his often repeated, never believable claim to be “the least racist person in this room”, I wish Biden had said, “Oh, man, who are you trying to kid? Anyone who has to say that…”

And when the Wankmaggot stated that the only reason he ran for president was because of the mess Obama and Biden made, I wish Biden had laughed in his face and said, “Oh, man, everyone knows you ran because Barrack took the piss out of you at the White House correspondents’ dinner. It stuck in your bile-filled craw* enough that a black man was elected President, but when that black man made you a laughing stock, you lost your shit, you pitiful, petulant prick.”

(*Okay, I confess I don’t actually know what or where the craw is or whether it ever comes into contact with bile, but you know what I mean.)

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen said roasting, enjoy…

After I posted this thought and that video last night, a friend responded that she actually thought Putin was responsible, had manoeuvred the Wankmaggot into running. She’s Ukrainian, so blaming Putin comes naturally. Mind you, it doesn’t mean she’s wrong.  

Before we leave last night’s debate, a couple of fashion notes.

While Jill Biden totally rocked pandemic chic…

… Ivanka Trump was being trolled after tweeting this photo.

Wankmaggot supporters were outraged, leaving comments like this: “Lose the damn masks! They’re lame and pointless.” Good grief.

Roughly a quarter of registered voters in the US have already cast their ballots. Now it’s just wait and see time.

In 2016 the election was Hillary Clinton’s to lose, which, thanks to the ridiculous electoral college system, she did. (Much to the surprise, as my Ukrainian friend points out, of Vladimir Putin and the Tangerine Wankmaggot.)

In 2020, it’s not apathy that Biden has to worry about, it’s the red state election plans designed by Jim Crow and Gerry Mandering that are the main cause of concern. Why go to the trouble of trying to win an election when you can just steal it? (And why, when red is the left leaning colour everywhere else, is it the right wing colour in the US?)

According to the polls Biden should win fairly easily, but we all know what we think of polls after Brexit and the Wankmaggot’s win in 2016.

If the polls are right, sadly there probably will be blood in the streets as the MAGA nuts take to them toting their guns. If the polls are wrong, because the Republicans manage to jury rig the theft of the election, hell really will be in the handbasket.

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  1. Flavio Galtieri permalink

    I’m always confused by the “Vote Blue” exhalations! I’d like to know the reason Democrats are “Blue”. Jill would make a superb First Lady. An intelligent woman in the White House would frighten Boris witless.

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