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Mystery parcel

October 18, 2020

Stopped at the post box yesterday on my way home from early voting and discovered a mystery parcel awaiting me. That makes two.

Okay, the smaller parcel isn’t a mystery. It arrived a little while ago, not long after my friend Jane said she was sending me a birthday present. That was after another friend posted this photo on my Facebook timeline.

I can’t imagine why anyone would fucking think of me when they saw this mug. After Jane told me she was sending me a present, I confirmed that she’d also ordered one for herself.

I decided when the parcel arrived that I would wait until November 7, my actual birthday, to open it. (A gal’s gotta have something to open on her birthday, right?)

The Amazon parcel is the mystery. I haven’t ordered anything recently and I don’t have Amazon Prime, so I’m guessing this might be another, early-arrived birthday present. I am also going to hold off on opening it until next month.

Clearly it’s a book. All I know for sure is that it’s not a hardcover, which means it’s not from someone who visited my Amazon wish list where the top two choices are the new novels by Ian Rankin and Robert Galbraith, followed closely by Caitlin Moran’s most recent offering. (Yes, I have brazenly provided the link – there’s still time, folks.)

God love Ian Rankin. Intentional or not, his novels always come out just in time for my birthday. I have a long standing tradition of spending the day curled up in a chair with Rebus. Fingers crossed the tradition will continue this year.

Mind you, I will happily give up the reading chair on my birthday if another birthday present being dangled at me comes to fruition: the possibility of a visit from my friend Catherine. Blimey. I can’t even remember the last time I had a visitor. Certainly not in this a-pox-on-your-house year. My friend Tony from London in August 2019? Yep, I think that’s how long it’s been. So, yes, a visit would be the best possible present. Fingers, legs and everything else crossed.

Okay, shameless post over. Time to feed the cawing jays their peanuts, have breakfast and get ready for the auditions. Hope the rain stops before the auditions are over or there isn’t going to be a walk in the woods today.

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