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October 10, 2020

First off, I’d like to thank Rhodo Dave for immediately responding to yesterday’s post, which ended with the sentence “Maybe I am a writer” with the comment: “Of course you are.” Good to know.

And a thank you to my old friend Krys, who later reminded me that of all the aspiring writers in our teenaged circle I am “the only one who did it”. Yes, I guess that’s true. I am the only one who worked as a journalist and, as far as I know, the only one with two published novels.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that there was no comment from John, the bloke who told me all those years ago that I had a wonderful way with words. One of the big surprises of 2020 was finding myself back in touch with him after decades, only to be told when we were that he’d found and had been following my blog for a while. Would it have killed him to write a comment to reassure me that I still had a wonderful way with words? Still, he did buy, read and also leave a nice review for Unethical Practices. He also bought a copy for a friend which resulted in about 40p in royalties, so I guess I’ll let him off the hook.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. As I wrote last year, I think this is a stupid holiday.

Still, as I also said last year, I don’t suppose it does any harm to once a year take stock of the things for which you are grateful in this predominately shitty world of ours.

Once again I am thankful for the roof over my head. I really do love my house. This year, the year of the pandemic, I am extremely thankful that this house I love is on an island which, as far as I know, is still completely virus free and where I can go for long walks in the woods or by the water. I am also thankful that said island is in Canada. Not as quick or successful in tackling the pandemic and its fallout as New Zealand was, but a damn sight better in its response than many countries, including the diseased elephant to the south. I do know how fortunate I am. Never mind not being stuck in a condo in an infected city, I could be one of the poor souls struggling to survive in a refugee camp. I am so lucky.

I am thankful for my small windfall a couple of months ago. Yes, half of it is going to have to go on a dental implant, but it’s also made it possible for me to acquire the fridge of my dreams and a new generator. Not to mention not having to worry about the cost of going out for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner tonight at the island’s wonderful restaurant.

I have for a long time been and remain very thankful for my friends, near and far – for Krys, who calls frequently to check up on me; for Donna, who recently braved the pandemic to come over here for a cup of tea and a chat (my first visitor since my failed attempt in the spring to persuade a painter mate to paint the front room window frames); for Irmani, who video chats fairly regularly from London (and is once again going to be sending me one of her marvellous Christmas cakes); for Catherine, who it seems is willing to brave travel to be here for my birthday next month. And so many others.

Not only is there no harm in doing this once a year (or perhaps more frequently), I suspect there is some good to be had out of reminding oneself that there are indeed reasons to be thankful.

So before I sign off and fill the peanut feeder for the jays (for whom I am also grateful), a thank you to that fly for landing on Pence’s head and providing so much comic relief this week.

And I’d also like to say how much I’m hoping that this time next year my list of thanks will be extended to the voters of the United States for making the Tangerine Wankmaggot an imprisoned footnote in history.


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  1. Donna permalink

    And my thanks in return, for you 🙂

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