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September 16, 2020

So far no response to the pop quiz from a few days ago. The questions didn’t seem that hard. I hope he hasn’t given up so easily. Honestly, I have no intrinsic objection to a half brother suddenly popping up. It’s just that, if life has taught me nothing else, it has taught me to be selective about who you allow into your life.

I have a lot of cousins, some of whom, as I’ve mentioned, I absolutely adore. A brother like one of them would be okay. Unfortunately, I also have some duds. One in particular springs to mind: an ignorant, racist slob of the first order. If he was a Yank he probably would have voted for Trump. If he was still alive, he definitely would have been one of the London minority who voted to leave the EU. No room at the inn for anyone like that. Not that first impressions point in that direction. But you can’t be too careful, can you? (If you disagree with that, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.)

Meanwhile, progress is being made on the getting shit done front.

After two failed attempts, I finally caught up with Gord, the generator guy, at the hardware store to have a chat about replacing my long dead generator. Made sure I had some photos with me so he could see the system. Not, I imagine, that it varies much from every other system on the island. (Or anywhere else.)

Unfortunately none of the photos I took showed him what he needed to know: the starting wattage and the running wattage. He said this was probably on the side. Oh, goodie. Somewhere I probably won’t be able to see it. Told him I’d give it my best shot.

Then I told him I’d rather like one of those generators that switches on automatically as soon as the power goes out. He sucked a bit of air in through his teeth and said that could be arranged. Hmm. I asked him how much more that would cost. He said about eight times as much. (No wonder the only people I know who have one of these are quite wealthy.) I told him I’d just lost interest in the idea completely. He told me his recommendation, based on the usage I described and printed out a copy of the generator in question. As I suspected, we’re looking at a thousand bucks.

Came home, looked at the side of the generator. Nope, nowhere could I see the information requested. I did establish that the make and model were Briggs & Stratton Pro8000, which, as I said in an email to Gord, suggested its running wattage was 8,000. After sending the email suddenly realised the manual was still probably in the bottom drawer. Dug around and sure enough there it was. Starting 10,000, running 8,000. Sent a follow up email.

He’s now ordered a Firman generator ($999.97 – reduced from $1,199.99, plus tax, the delivery charge and the fee for taking the old generator away), which should arrive this coming weekend.

With a bit of luck the power won’t be knocked out for four days by a windstorm (or two feet of snow) before the generator is delivered. It would suck if everything in my brand new fridge freezer was ruined before I was finally able to replace the generator.

After that, I’m not about to say “bring it on” to power failures, but it will certainly be nice to be able to make a cappuccino in the morning or have actual lamplight to read by at night.

Now, about that vessel sink…

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  1. krysross permalink

    Vessel sinks are apparently quite challenging to clean around the base. I’d consider replacing the kitchen counter under that sink.

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