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No. 1 problem solved

August 3, 2020

Early last evening I realised the pus ball was no longer as hard as a rock. Definitely had a bit of give when poked with tongue. Welcome sign that the antibiotics might finally be working.

Another realisation as bedtime (and thus time for my last heavy duty painkiller of the day) approached. As I reported on Facebook: “Oh. My. God. I don’t need any painkillers. Good thing, really, because, as foretold, there is constipation.”

No. 1 problem solved (for now). Time to address No. 2 problem.

A response almost immediately from a Kiwi friend: “Eat kiwifruit.” I replied immediately to say that sounded like a much more attractive proposition than prunes.

When I work up this morning others had responded. Apparently papayas and mangoes are also good for this particular problem. Who knew.

I had a feeling papayas and mangoes might be too much to hope for from the produce section of the island grocery store. Yes, they are occasionally seen there, but not on a reliable basis. I wasn’t wrong.


Kiwifruit, on the other hand, are almost always available, as indeed they were today. One down, seven to go, more available if required.

Now all I have to do is ring the dentist’s office tomorrow morning to book an appointment to deal with the undoubtedly wildly expensive underlying problem. With the pain gone the will to do so is already diminishing, but I will be good. Honest.

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