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My virtual pub crawl

July 15, 2020

I should be in London today. Perhaps in some alternate, pandemic-free universe I am.

Right about now I should be with my friends Rowan and Matt, heading for this pub.

dog and bell

As I said a couple of years ago, don’t let the Beck’s sign throw you off. This is a proper old back street boozer with an excellent selection of real ale. I should be having a decent pint. As it’s Wednesday there will be a group of Irish fiddle players there who get together once a week just for the pleasure of playing together. Perhaps in some alternate universe they are also here tonight.

In the coming weeks I should be busy.

I should be going to the Tate to see the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition and to pop in, as I always do, on my pre-Raphaelite friends.


I should be going to the Tate Modern with my friend Becky to see the Andy Warhol exhibition and then split a bottle of rosé with her in the members’ lounge with its wonderful view.

tate modern

I should be going to at least one play in London.

I should be going to Kew with my mate Tony.

I should be meeting Irmani and other mates for drinks at my favourite London pubs.

coach and horses

Jeffrey Bernard was unwell here.

Speaking of London plays… In case you’ve got a couple of hours – and how could you not? You’re welcome.

I should be going to the tiny village outside Stratford where my cousin Michael and his wife Doris live. We should be going to see the RSC’s production of A Winter’s Tale.


I should be going to Bristol to see my cousin Stephen and his family.


I should be travelling to Wirral to see my cousin Peter and his wife Jackie and visit some of their favourite watering holes.


Yes, yes, I know. There’s a definite pub theme emerging on this trip. What can I tell you? Like everyone else in my family, I like a decent pint.

And then, after running around like mad for a fortnight, I should end up here in Wales for a few days of going for lovely long walks with a man and his dog.


Instead I’m going nowhere. Hope my alternate self in that alternate universe is having a good trip.


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