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Oh, ha, ha

April 25, 2020

As if I was going to be able to introduce dog-walking Joe to a trail he didn’t know on the island. The only thing he didn’t know about yesterday’s trail was that you can access it from a side street near my place. In fact, he knew the trail system better than I do and introduced me to a tributary I’d never investigated which turns out to be the best part of the whole park.

I look forward to that far, far away day when I might actually have visitors again and can show them the two wonderful trees I met yesterday.

So, the title “ha, ha” is ironic. (Or do I mean sarcastic?) It is not the last ha, ha of the day and the others are definitely funny ha, ha.

Anyone who’s been on Facebook recently will know that, as awful as the pandemic is, it has inspired some truly wonderful parodies.

One morning earlier this week, I came across this one, shared by a friend.


I thought it was the funniest thing the pandemic had produced, not least because of the “full of shite house” line.

Then later the same day, someone else posted this one.


Okay, I thought, for pure fun, this guy wins. It is the best.

Then yesterday someone posted this.


I watched it, laughing out loud as I did so, and then immediately shared it. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything I’ve posted on Facebook shared as many times.


And, just to complete my minimum writing time quota, here’s a little story.

One night when I was in my early twenties my flatmate and I were playing darts in our Hampstead local with a couple of the other regulars. I was not one of the best players, although I occasionally had my moments, one of which was that evening when I somehow magically managed to throw a 180 (three treble twenties, for the uninitiated – the highest score you can possibly get with three arrows). No surprise that my fellow players were gobsmacked, although none more so than I was. Then a voice behind me said, “Get that girl a pint!” I turned around and it was none other than Ray Davies, the lead singer of the Kinks, who proceeded to buy me a pint. I did actually say “Cheers, Ray” even though London Rules of never acknowledging a famous person’s identity should have applied. Still not sure which impressed my fellow darts players more.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Why have I never heard this story?

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