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April 18, 2020

I was going to try to find a copy just of this photo (or one of the many others taken at braindead protests in Michigan and Ohio this week), but Steve Schmidt’s comment was too priceless.


Wackjoberry. What a fabulous word. The wackjobbery of the Wankmaggot brigade. Perfect. (I should note before I go any further that Steve Schmidt knows his wackjobs, having been a member of the 2008 McCain election team who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world outside Alaska.)

There may be (indeed it seems there are) some dark forces* behind these anti-lockdown protests springing up around the United States, but what do these screaming people really want? Do they really just want to get back to work? In a country with no meaningful social safety net and health care attached to the jobs they are losing, this might not be as crazy as it sounds. Do they want their “liberty”, whatever the hell that word means to them? Maybe.

Or are they simply in a frenzy because lockdowns and travel bans are making it impossible for them to gather in arenas to worship their king?

It’s been seven weeks since any of his subjects have seen him in the tangerine flesh. It must be devastating not to know when some of them in some lucky city will next be able to gather together en masse to cheer and froth at the mouth.

And he’s missing them. It’s obvious. Yes, he has his daily two-hour dyspeptic diatribes, but the handful of journalists allowed into the White House briefing room are feeding him annoying questions in response, not adulation.

No wonder he’s so desperate to see the arenas once again open to him in Michigan and Minnesota and Virginia. (And everywhere else.)


He’s jonesing. He needs his peeps. And they need him. Ya gotta feel for them.

It’s clear to me that an exemption must be made to the social distancing requirements in the United States. The Tangerine Wankmaggot needs to get his proposed “Never Fear” tour on the road. Of course precautions will need to be taken. For example, no one who didn’t vote for him should be allowed the privilege of working security in any of the arenas. If they don’t turn up wearing their MAGA cap, they might as well stay at home. Wankmaggot supporters, as they’ve clearly stated time and time again, need no protection from the virus other than God, who is definitely on their side.

C’mon, scaredy-cat governors. As the Wankmaggot himself is so fond of saying, whaddaya got to lose?


* Seriously, click on that link and read the article. It’s chilling.


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