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Oh, crap

April 8, 2020

For some weeks now I’ve heard people speculating that the Tangerine Wankmaggot, who clearly doesn’t give a flying fuck how many Yanks are killed by it, might use Covid-19 as an excuse to cancel the election in November. I was more than a little worried about the possibility until I talked to a friend who’s a bit of a (US) constitutional expert. He assured me that by law the Wankmaggot’s presidential term will end the third week of January 2021 – whether there is an election or not. If there hasn’t been an election and therefore there is no newly elected president or vice-president, the speaker of the House of Representatives would be sworn in as president.

Nancy Pelosi becoming the default president? Now there’s an idea that made me smile. It also reassured me.  There’s no way the venal turd in the Oval Office would cancel an election if it meant Pelosi got his job (and started the process of sending him to jail).

Silly me. He doesn’t need to cancel the election, as yesterday’s dry run in Wisconsin showed.

Tony Evers, the state’s Democratic governor, had declared a postponement of the scheduled primary vote. Au contraire, said the two leading Republicans in the state legislature. The primary must go ahead, they said. The Wisconsin supreme court (dominated by Republicans) agreed with them on Monday, the same day the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on straight party lines that Evers could not extend the deadline for receipt of postal votes by a week.

So Wisconsin’s Democratic voters had to choose between risking their lives or exercising their right to vote at one of the vastly reduced number of polling stations. (Milwaukee, which usually has 180 polling stations spread around the city had a grand total five yesterday.)


Credit to them, they did come out in their thousands, but that’s hardly the point. The Republican demand that the primary go ahead in the middle of a pandemic was utterly unconscionable.

The only sane, sensible and safe way to hold an election during this extraordinarily dangerous time is by postal ballot. I believe the Democratic House of Representatives has already passed a bill mandating funding for this – one of scores of Bill’s the House has passed since January 2018 that Mitch McConnell refuses to bring before the Republican Senate.

It might be sane and sensible, but it will almost certainly not happen. As the Wankmaggot was quick to point out (yes, he actually said it out loud), if they made it easier for people to vote Republicans would never be elected again.

Between gerrymandering and skulduggery this is going to be the ugliest and dirtiest election ever held in the US.

Gawd ’elp us.

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