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January 5, 2020

Well, not hilarious, actually. Far from it. Unless, perhaps, I died some time ago and am currently residing in a hell that looks a lot like my house and in which Satan has decided that my eternal damnation will be spent playing endless games of stupid fucking spider solitaire. In that case, it would be hilarious – to Satan.

You’ve guessed, haven’t you? Last night around midnight I was ready to call it a day, to go to bed and read for a while, before having (for me) an early night. Then I decided to have a quick check of my emails to see if a message I was waiting for had arrived. It hadn’t. I could have just switched the tablet off and gone to bed. Instead, some nasty little voice whispered in my ear, telling me what I should really do is have just one game of spider solitaire before retiring for the night. I could have said “Shut up, Satan” and gone to bed. But I didn’t. Instead I played SFSS until nearly five in the morning. What the fuck? Yes, I do believe that strange noise I can almost hear is Satan’s raspy laughter. Hilarious.

As a result of my sheer stupidity, it’s nearly noon and I’ve only just hauled myself out of bed. No time to write a proper entry (about what? self-flagellation?), as  I have to be somewhere in a short while.

I don’t, however, want to leave you with virtually nothing to read. I therefore recommend you click here and read one of the best rants I’ve come across in some time.

It’s written by Australian-born Ian Gill, who I used to know back in the nineties when he still worked for the CBC, It’s a damning indictment of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison (“installed and kept in power by the coal lobby”) and his response to the inferno which much of Australia has become.

Seriously, read the rant.

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