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September 6, 2019

Right, I know I’ve made this commitment to write something – anything – every day for six weeks, but some days it’s easier said than done.

On Wednesday I was so outraged about the emergency room at Nanaimo General Hospital, that the words just flew onto the page.

Oh, there’s a bit of a postscript on that. After reading my rant, the local fire chief left the following comment: Always call 911 if you think you need it. At worst the ambulance (and possibly Fire Paramedics) will quickly attend. I’ve seen and heard of cases were people were having heart attacks and were reluctant to call. Also- the local ambulance people don’t get any pay if they don’t get a call, so there is that aspect in favour of calling too.

Later in the day I ran into one of the paramedics in the village, who said pretty much the same thing when I told him the story: Please, wake us up in the middle of the night! He also told me, when I complained about the locum declining to send Pat to the hospital in an ambulance because he wasn’t “that bad” that if I’d refused to drive him over, she would have been forced to use an ambulance. Which would have earned the paramedics some money and would have at least got him through the emergency check in process in substantially less than two hours. (That said, if the situation ever arises again, knowing what I now know about emergency room visits, I wouldn’t want him sitting on his own through it all.)

Yesterday I was so gobsmacked by the Westminster shit show words also tumbled onto the page. And I’m not the only one calling it that. So did John Crace in this piece about Bojo the Clown’s incoherent speech to a police academy yesterday.

Anyway, anyway…

I was thinking about writing about the upcoming Canadian election today. Or perhaps about the disappointment that is Jeremy Corbyn. These are going to have to wait for another day. I actually have a lot of panto prep to do and it is niggling at my brain in a way that makes a good rant difficult.

My fifteen minutes are up. Now I need to get back to the contact list and the rehearsal calendar.

À demain.

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