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May 7, 2019

05-08 lilac 1

Woo, hoo! I bloody love lilacs. I love the colour and I love, love, love the scent.

Okay, okay, this vaseful of lilacs is not from my 20-year-old tree.

They’re from my neighbour Pat’s very prolific tree.

05-08 lilac 2

Who knows? I may still get a vaseful of lilacs from my 20-year-old tree, which has more flowers on it than ever before. Apparently Rhodo Dave was right when he suggested lilacs might like food, too.

05-08 lilac 3

Unfortunately, feeding has so far failed to produce a flower on the lilac I planted in the big hole I dug five years ago.

05-08 lilac 5

Nor has feeding produced any flowers on the lilac tree I planted last year to replace the diseased pear tree.

05-08 lilac 4

Oh, but what’s this? More lilac flowers on my property?

05-08 lilac 6

Yes! Dark lilacs will soon be open on the tree I bought yesterday. The plan was to plant it in the area I cleared of stones last September. A day later I realise that this spot simply does not get enough sun.

It seems I need to devote days to digging another hole in a sunnier spot. Sigh.

Still… Lilacs!

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