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A star (loveseat) is born

April 16, 2019


My partner Mike inherited this loveseat from his parents (who may have inherited from their parents). I’m not sure how old it is. Most of the time it lives in the guest room of my house. Occasionally it appears onstage.

The Housekeeper

Its theatrical debut was in The Housekeeper at the theatre festival in August 2012. I agreed to take on the role of Annie Dankworth, because Gabriola Players had made a commitment to stage the play at the festival, but no one else would agree to do it. This is a full length, two-character play. To this day I still can’t figure out how the hell I managed to memorise all those lines.


Its second appearance was in a production of Norm Foster’s play Jenny’s House of Joy in the spring of 2015.

On Sunday a truck is coming to the house to remove the loveseat for its third appearance. Next month the loveseat will “star” in another Norm Foster play, Old Love.

I wonder what Mike’s parents would think? They were quite keen theatregoers, so I think they’d be pleased.

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