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Floral tribute

February 20, 2019

20190220_123036flowers 1

I decided to buy myself some flowers on Saturday to celebrate cleaning up my “office” the day before and writing a decent length post. Quite the extravagance. (When was the last time I had flowers in the house? Must have been a year ago.) Not quite as expensive as they might have been, as they were marked down after Valentine’s Day. (The best times to buy flowers, I’ve found, is the day after Valentine’s Day and the day after Mother’s Day. Always a good deal to be had.)

Sadly, my celebrating was short lived. I did not get up on Sunday morning and write another post, even though I had one planned. I read too late the night before and woke up too late on Sunday to write anything, as I had a rehearsal that afternoon. Still, I thought, there’s always tomorrow. Oops.

Monday and Tuesday turned into sitting on the sofa, playing stupid fucking spider solitaire days. Sigh.

And I don’t have time to write for very long today, as I’m playing pool with my neighbour Pat in an hour.

Whether or not I can now justify buying myself flowers, given all the subsequent slacking, is for others to decide. I’m certainly enjoying them.

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  1. There’s something very British about that table setting. And it’s ALWAYS justifiable to buy flowers.

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