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The great pruning saw massacre

September 30, 2018

Several years ago some fir trees started growing by the fence on the road side of the garden. No problem, I thought, they’ll give me a bit more privacy. So I left them alone. Eventually, of course, I realised I was gaining privacy by sacrificing half the afternoon sun (the only sun the garden gets) on a fair chunk of the garden.

And so I resolved that one of my summer 2018 projects would be getting rid of these trees. Twice I borrowed Rhodo Dave’s saw and twice I returned it without even making a start. It seemed this was going to fall into the category of jobs never even started.

Then the rain that had started as soon as the calendar was turned over to September abated for a few days. Right, I thought, I’m getting this job done.

As is often the case, I omitted to take a “before” picture, but this photo from a couple of years ago will give you an idea.

05-12 garden 2016

Since that photo was taken, the trees got taller and the small gap on the left was filled in.

So I borrowed Dave’s saw again and got to work.


I will no doubt lose my status as a Greenpeace alumnus if and when word of this clear-cut gets out. More than thirty trees were removed. (Stupid time of day to take the photo, but I suspect you can make out many of the stumps.) A mini-forest callously removed from the front of the property. How can I live with myself? Quite easily, actually.

In addition to the fir trees, I also removed all the pine needles, moss and weeds which were covering up several hundred more pine cones. It may look a bit bleak right now, but just you wait until the spring!

I decided I was going to plant dozens of daffodil bulbs in this area. (Daffodils, as previously noted, being one of the few things deer don’t eat.)  And then I realised: I cannot afford to spend $25 on a big ol’ bag of daff bulbs. I cannot afford to spend a penny on anything except food and bills. How depressing. Oh, but wait a minute, I could use part of my friend Caroline’s donation to my begging bowl appeal. After all, I swore I would not use any of the money raised on basic necessities. Oh, goodie. Off to the garden shop I went and yesterday did indeed plant dozens of bulbs.

Imagine how lovely they’ll look in the spring. Imagine how much pleasure those daffs will give me – and everyone else who walks or drives by.

Thank you, Caroline!

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