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Gnome is where the book is

May 3, 2018

Difficult to believe, when they’ve had nearly a year to do so, that none of my Facebook friends took the hint that there was a member of the Gnomes family on my Amazon wish list that needed to come to Gabriola. Fortunately, I returned from my holiday with some spare housekeeping money (thank you, Peter!), so my wish has now been fulfilled. Sherlock Gnomes (the literate one) now lives in my yard.


I’ve been hanging around with him today as I needed to dig a hole for a new rhododendron, delivered by Rhodo Dave last week.

Digging a hole on Gabriola is no mean feat. The “ground” consists of 90% stones and 10% “soil” (which after the first couple of inches is actually sand). It took me two hours to dig this particular hole.


This Newcombe’s Sweetheart is now safely planted in sea soil. (Watering it revealed that the nozzle on the back yard hose is kaput.) According to Dave, if I accurately recall, this plant has a purple flower (none of which I am like to see this year) and, most importantly, a beautiful scent, ergo its placement by the kitchen door. Apparently in ten years it will be five feet tall. Will I even be around to see it? (Well, I bloody well better be as I renewed my passport for ten years in March.)

There is a second new rhododendron to be planted at the front of the house.

rhodo 2

I’ve forgotten what this one is called. I seem to remember it has red flowers (which I will see this year). Believe it or not (I swear it’s true), once upon a time, a long, long time ago, this used to be a bed of sorts, planted with daffs and croci (some of which survive). All I ever did all those years ago, was clear the moss off and dig some small holes for the bulbs. This is going to be a mega, backbreaking excavation project, so just as well Rhodo Dave assures me the plant is okay in its pot for a month or two.

It will certainly keep me busy for the next little while.

  1. Irmani Smallwood permalink

    Keep us all posted, more of us are watching and loving progress than you might imagine ❤️

  2. krysross permalink

    Echo Irmani’s comment. Also, I’m learning just how badly I neglected my rhodos.

  3. Dave Innell permalink

    So the Newcombes Sweetheart is rose coloured flower and scented and the other is Polarnacht and is purple

  4. Oh, rhododendrons were the main crop in the mid 1990s. I remember cultivars from Newcombe, but I am not familiar with ‘Newcombe’s Sweetheart’.

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