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Oh, my aching bones

April 28, 2018

It’s mostly muscles, really, but that’s not an expression, is it?

Honestly. I thought I’d already done enough bending and kneeling in the garden to be past the stage where I’d wake up aching the next day. Apparently not. I could barely get out of bed this morning.

What was all the kneeling about yesterday? Well, after spending time last week working on the raised vegetable bed earlier last week, yesterday I suddenly realised that I didn’t cut back the raspberry canes last year. Oops. Not sure how badly this will impact the number of (if any) raspberries I get this year, but hopefully late is better than never.

An afternoon spent kneeling and leaning in and out of the frames to do some long overdue pruning. Three of the canes look completely dead. Whether or not they will rally remains to be seen. But most of the others have new growth and some appear to be about to flower. Promising.

In the same set of frames, one of the two black currant plants looks very healthy indeed, and the other one is far from dead. The pink gooseberry is also looking pretty good, although I will never in one summer get enough fruit from it to make gooseberry fool. Tough to say about the two taller blueberry plants. Plenty of leaves, which is good, but I don’t think I’ve had a blueberry from either of them for at least three years. But that, of course, was before I acquired my new (to me) secret weapon: plant food! But before we get to that, it was time to shovel in some sea soil. (My last yard of sea soil is nearly gone and so, too, is Mr Fixit. Who will help me fetch more next year?)

Amazing what a difference some decent soil can make. The bed looks healthier already.

The same cannot be said for the strawberry bed, so I lift the frames, clear out some of the millions and millions of pine needles and shovel in some sea soil. The strawberries are looking pretty healthy. Wish I could say the same about the four dwarf blueberry plants in the bed. Two of them have lots of new leaves, the other two, not so much. New leaves, yes, but not as many as the other two. Will plant food perform a miracle? I wish I knew.

fruit frames

Frames back on. I’ve done my best. Time for a cuppa and some quality time on the swing with Stella.

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  1. Black currants are a new introduction here. They do not grow very well, but became available in nurseries a few years ago. I really like growing them, but not many people here know how to prune them.

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