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Day thirty – Ça va ?

November 30, 2017

Oh, dear, didn’t set the alarm and slept until 11:30. If I want to go to the French conversational group this afternoon (which I do – I haven’t been for weeks) there is no time for a long entry.

As you may have noticed, there was a second entry yesterday. When I got back from playing pool with Pat, I decided to cast my vote net a bit further.

Although I always post my rants on my official Facebook page (the one that identifies me as a writer) and on my seldom used Twitter account and I always post my garden blog entries on my personal Facebook page, these entries in whatever iteration of the Black Dog Diary that they are written, I keep to myself. If people find them – and over the past year they somehow have – that’s fine. I just don’t advertise their existence.

But with only five preferences stated in the comments section of my earlier entry I decided to post the competition to decide which novel I should more widely, posting it on both Facebook sites.

So far the voting has Adam’s Rub and Murky Waters tied in the lead with 36.36% each, Kew Gardens has 18.18% and I’m glad to see someone voted for The General (9.09%).

Merde. It is now noon. I haven’t had breakfast and I need to be French (or attempting to do so) in the village in an hour, so this is going to be another very short entry. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to vote in the official poll.

À demain.



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