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A tale of two chairs

November 28, 2017

When I went back to see the Nurse last month, I described the importance of the three-foot gap between these two chairs.


The chair on the left should represent writing. This is in fact the chair I was sitting on when I wrote Rum Do. Unfortunately this chair has come to represent the black hole that is stupid fucking spider solitaire.

The chair on the right represents reading. This is the chair I fully intended to spend the day in yesterday, once my French homework was done and my daily entry written. This is the chair in which I want to spend the winter, making my way through the large piles of books scattered about the place. Sunday night in bed I started reading one of my birthday books. (Thank you, Luna.) I was thoroughly enjoying it and turned the light off looking forward to reading more yesterday. I wanted to be in that chair.

Instead, I came back from shopping in the village and sat down on the chair on the left. Just to check my email again before I moved to the reading chair. I never made it to the reading chair. Okay, there hasn’t been a single game of SFSS for 28 days, but there has been some serious slippage. Yesterday I played every game of code cracker and word search I could find on the internet. About 50 games over a three hour period. By the time I stopped myself, it was time to make dinner.

One of two things needs to happen. Either this chair, the one on the left, the one on which I am sitting right now, needs to somehow turn back into the writing chair or I need to get myself off this chair and into the reading chair. It’s not a bloody marathon. I can sit on the chair and touch the other one. As you are my witness, I will get into the reading chair today.

As for writing…

Well, I suppose this is the day to cast your votes. I don’t know how many followers I now have. I’m guessing 20, although it may be more. So everyone needs to cast a vote. The vote isn’t necessarily binding (as I’m leaning heavily in favour of one project already), but it will be interesting. Please feel free to say more in the comments section than simply the name of the novel. I would be really very interested to know what appealed to you about the novel you chose. Really.

So, is it going to be Adam’s Rub, chapters one and two of which have been posted. Is it going to be The General? Is it going to be Kew? Or is it going to be Murky Waters?

Voting open for 48 hours, starting now.


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  1. I vote Adam’s Rub.

  2. Rhododave permalink

    This will be no surprise but it has to be the story of Jack Carrick ( is that Murky Waters). I thought it was a rich character when we did Unhelpful Complication, and you know one way it could end with a chance to fill in the first thirty odd years with all kinds of adventures. That being said, it really has to be the one you feel most passionate about.

  3. Catherine stewart permalink

    I agree – go with Jack if that inspires you. The play was great and the characters’ back story so intriguing. Now we have the beginning and can anticipate what ‘they’ had in mind for him. But what happened in between? How did he go from failing to make officer to killing drug lords, saving one life and likely destroying many more? Do tell!
    Oh, and between chapters, keep sharing your back story. Love the personal tales too. So generous of you to share so much of your life.

  4. krysross permalink

    Not sure which title goes with which fragment but I am most drawn to the story of Tilly and Adam but am also intrigued by this one about Jack.

    Because? Well, I like Tilly and want to see what she gets up to. Your Jack could be a young Parlabane, which would be great fun, though derivative. Think Rhododave nailed it–the one you most want to pursue.

  5. My vote’s for Adam’s Rub because I like Tilly’s character so much and already feel a little invested in it compared to the others. But yes, the one you want to write the most is the one to go for. Am super excited about reading your next novel 🙂

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