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Day twenty-two – Outside the bubble

November 22, 2017

Just to prove I do actually pull my head out of my arse long enough to get some sense of what’s going in the world outside my head…

Zimbabweans celebrate in the morning sun after President Mugabe resigned in Harare

Another day of jubilation in Zimbabwe celebrating the removal of the tyrannical Robert Mugabe from office. There is a great deal I could say about this and one day soon I will find the time to say it, but for now I can only wish the poor citizens of this benighted country a much brighter future.


And in the Hague, the Butcher of Bosnia, Ratko Mladić, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. Justice too long delayed, but justice nonetheless for his victims.

On my tiny corner of the planet… So far, touch wood, the cold has not materialised. No problem drifting off into a decent night’s sleep last night after the second tech rehearsal. Dress rehearsal tonight then a night off before show time.

In six days it will all be over. Unlike the past three years when I knew exactly what was next after the panto, this year I have no idea. Perhaps some writing. I can but dream.

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One Comment
  1. krysross permalink

    Hadn’t realized you were writing these posts again. Just read through from the start of the challenge. And yes, I want to know what Tilly’s up to.

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