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Day nine – Prepared to be bored

November 9, 2017

No, seriously, this is going to be boring. I really only have a few minutes to post something.

Very fun night in the pub last night with Donna, Garry, Jan, Heather and the manly men, Dave (who arrived with a manly man card, found by Jan), Charlie and Paul. For the first time in I don’t remember how long I drank more pints than I can remember. (Fortunately I’d arranged rides.) Got home and decided to polish off the birthday Prosecco I’d started the night before. Not the brightest idea I’ve ever had. One minute I was sitting on the sofa watching the news (as far as I’m concerned the jury’s still out on the revamped version of The National), the next minute it was three in the morning and I was waking up on the sofa freezing, the fire long gone out.

Staggered to bed and didn’t wake up until noon and I had a checkup with my doctor at 1pm, pool with Pat at 2pm and a rehearsal this evening. Confessed to the doctor that I had a hangover. (First since Irmani was here in August, although I didn’t tell him that.)

I was reminded yesterday of a funny Kenneth Branagh story I was planning to detail in today’s entry, but there is no time. Another day. Remind me if I forget.

Here’s today’s black and white photo, taken in Paris on one of my birthday visits when I was back in London.


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