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And the winner is…

September 17, 2017

Not that there was ever a competition. These four blokes (in alphabetical order), Charlie, Dave, Joe and Paul, are all absolutely top notch geezers and most magnificent manly men.

Remember this?

09-02 woodpile 2

Oh, my goodness! Where has it gone?

09-16 no wood

Well, thanks to Dave last year giving me the wood from trees he’s had taken down on his property (he and Jan do not have a wood stove) and Charlie lending me his splitter…

09-12 splitter

… and Joe helping me shift the split wood to the shed and Paul, astonishingly, managing to split most of the Arbutus into which the splitter could not make a dent, I now have a half full woodshed.

09-16 wood shed

Manly men totally rock.

Unlike Monday’s porch building project, when my role was reduced to tea lady, yesterday I was actively involved in the stacking, so didn’t realise until after the job was done that I’d failed to get any photos of the project unfolding. Most disappointingly I do not have a photo of Paul Bunyon splitting the Arbutus. So I will have to settle for a photo of him rocking in another way – doing a spectacular job on the air guitar at last year’s panto.

Paul air guitar

Just how manly is this man? Well, suffice to say he didn’t’t even blink when I informed him that his first appearance in The Return of Robin Hood would be in a pink peignoir.

Paul peignoir

You can’t get much more manly than that, can you?


Mind you, Joe does a pretty good line in pantomime villains, so definitely no slouch in the manly department.

Many, many, many thanks to these four manly, manly, manly men.

No point in saying I couldn’t have done it without them because, put simply, I would not have done it without them.

Oh, and a special thanks to Charlie, who stopped by yesterday when all the chopping and stacking was going on to pick up his splitter. When I thanked him for the loan, he said “Any time.” Those two magic words. “Seriously?” I asked. He nodded. I smiled. I’m not quite sure he fully appreciates the carte blanche implications of what he just said.


  1. krysross permalink

    I’d say you were the winner!

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