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Own goal?

July 17, 2017

Down in the garden doling out grey water to the rose bushes and fruit trees. Just about enough water after collecting for two (or was it three?) days to give them what I hope is a live-saving dose.

Back to the house to make some lunch. Eating it out on the deck just now, I suddenly realised I may have scored an own goal.

Back in May, when I borrowed Charlie’s power washer to clean the deck and de-slime the house, my main concern was that I would end up with a huge electricity bill. He assured me I would not. I didn’t really think about the amount of water I would be using. After all, as previously mentioned, we had a ton of snow last winter and it rained all spring. How could there not be plenty of well water? Plus, it rained throughout Juneuary. Pas de problème.

Could this be why the well ran dry? (Assuming it has. Still waiting for the plumber.) If so, it seems it may indeed be my fault.


Is a peanut butter coloured deck and a de-slimed house worth this price? As much as Roxie likes the deck, the answer is almost certainly not. (As long as the sun was on it, she’d be fine with it still being ingrained with dirt.)

On the other hand, if Charlie hadn’t mentioned when he came for dinner in May that he’d spent the day power washing their deck, I could probably have gone for many more years without thinking this was probably something I should do. He put the idea in my head and he provided the power washer. So really, this is Charlie’s fault.

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