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Peanut butter, anyone?

May 28, 2017

It’s been all go outside this past week.

Charlie brought his pressure washer round on Monday afternoon, gave me a training session, had a cup of tea and went home. I had another cup of tea, then went outside to get started. Crap. Couldn’t get any water – let alone a jet – out of it. And, yes, before you ask, the water was actually turned on. Rang Charlie to see if I’d forgotten something. Nope. All good, other than the lack of water flow. He said he’d come back and have a look. I did what my mother used to do with malfunctioning appliances: took it apart and put it back together. Did the trick. Tried to ring Charlie to tell him I’d fixed whatever the problem was, but he’d already left. When he got here we had another cup of tea and a couple of Hobnobs. He left again and I started working on the deck. Got about half of it done before dinnertime.

Next morning I realised this “power” washing thing was actually a two-stage process. (At least it is when the deck hasn’t been cleaned in god knows how long.) Stage one: get most of dirt off. Stage two: fucking blast it again, because there’s still a lot of dirt engrained. (A word the true meaning of which I’d never fully appreciated until that morning.) Was beginning to wonder if I would have any water left when the job was finished.

Once the deck was fairly clean (no need to go completely mad) the fact that I’d never got around to staining it set me up for another job. Went to the hardware store to buy some wood stain. What I wanted was a nice golden pine stain. Of course they didn’t have what I wanted. Dallas suggested “Golden Larch” instead. I looked at the colour card. Not exactly what I wanted, but it seemed close enough.

Got up this morning. Had a shower. Then I went outside to use the power washer Charlie needs back soon to de-slime the walls of the house. Doing this involved another shower, but the walls have been cleared of green slime – and a fair bit of paint. (Oh, good, another job.)

Then I got going on the deck. It immediately became obvious that golden larch stain was nothing like golden pine. It was more like peanut butter. Gah. Definitely not what I wanted, but as Jeremy Paxman used to say on University Challenge (or was it Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind?), I’ve started so I’ll finish. I was hoping this stain was like the paint that doesn’t look the right colour when you open the tin, but turns into the right colour when it dries.

It didn’t, but at least it looks less like peanut butter.

Especially when I get the table and chairs back in place. I guess I’ll get used to the colour. Oh, well.

Apropos of nothing other than this is a fun fact.

Every summer for several years now there’s been a little tree frog living in this hanging basket. I don’t know if the attraction is the finger puppet nun or the finger puppet Vishnu or the fact that I always grow basil in this basket. (In case you can’t spot him, to the right of the nun.) I don’t know if it’s the same little tree frog returning summer after summer. Could this be possible? Short break while I go on Google and discover that North American tree frogs commonly live for nine years. Holy moly! This could be the same frog. How cool is that?

And finally, before I turn the computer off and make myself a G&T, I thought Rhodo Dave would like to see the second rhododendron in bloom.

Wow! This feeding thing really works.

  1. Rhodo Dave permalink

    Wow, looks good, and the deck looks nice too

  2. janeshead permalink

    The deck looks great! If you hadn’t said peanut butter, I would never have thought it.

  3. StuckForANickname permalink

    Yeah, the feeding thing really works. I’ll be over to check it out tomorrow, oh wait, you’ll be at my house where you can observe the green deck, slimy walls, peeling paint… Hope it will give you some ideas…

  4. Mariam permalink

    The cutest little tree frog! And jane has been talking about power washing the balconies – guess you’ve inspired her!

    Btw – l like the colour of the deck!

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