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Wednesday, February 22nd

February 22, 2017

This is going to be a short entry. Not because I have anything to hide (still free of all computer games, thank you very much), but because there is something I want to start doing fairly early today.

I want to get into the garden and start doing some tidying. Went down there for the first time in months yesterday and realised that – despite all the snow – the roses really need pruning and the beds need to be cleared of all the pine needles and cones. The herb garden and the lavender in the “back forty” also need a trim. (Some of the lavender seems to have survived the snow with no difficulty, some is looking very sad indeed.)

Time spent with a sense of accomplishment. A good thing.

Really, really good rehearsal yesterday afternoon. We are definitely starting to cook. Hopefully we’ll get to the boil by March 10th. (I’m sure we will.)

I realised last night, bubbling as I was with enthusiasm and happiness about how well the play is going, that I need to get ahead of the inevitable crash after the performances. I have an appointment with the doc next week. We need to come up with a plan and I suspect whatever med fiddling this involves will need to get started before March 12th. Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the mental health group. I should probably ask if people have any useful hints for preparing for an easy-to-predict crash.

For now what I need to do is dig out my gardening jeans.

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