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Day thirty-one

December 1, 2016

This morning’s writing time went on a rant about Justin Trudeau’s approval, “in the interests of Canada” of Kinder Morgan’s proposal to treble its capacity for transporting Alberta’s foul goop to the BC Coast.

This will be therefore be a short diary entry, but I would like to add one post script to yesterday’s entry.

Mike was ten years older than me and had a number of health problems, so it was always likely he would be the first to die. It had always been my intention to leave the house to his kids when my turn came. In fact I told them this shortly after Mike’s death – and before they screwed me over so completely.

I’m sure they no longer expect this to be the case, but I rather hope they do. Because when I die all they will get from my estate is a short letter (which I really must write) saying Fuck You.

That’s it for today. Off to the gym for my second orientation on the weight machines and then off to do the read through of my play. Fingers crossed on the latter.

Will let you know tomorrow.

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