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Day twenty-seven

November 27, 2016

Multiple treats today.

There is the prospect of another sold out house for the final panto performance. Yes, that’s right. After a heartbreaking start on Friday, the numbers picked up, as did the level of enthusiasm shown by the audience. All very satisfying for the director.

There is the prospect of a visit from a friend whom I have not seen since last year’s panto, who will be attending the matinee and acting as my designated driver, so I can get legless at the wrap party (which I have every intention of doing).

And then there is the fire burning in the woodstove. Unbelievable, isn’t it? I’ve actually started a fire at nine in the morning. Seemed like the least I could do with a friend arriving. We will be out most of the day, but we can throw a large piece of wood on when we go out so there will still be red coal waiting to jump back into life when we return. Such profligacy!

This is luxury indeed. I can’t afford to buy enough wood to have the fire going from morning to night – other than truly frigid winter days when needs must. Most days, during the day, I wear multiple layers of clothing and use cups of tea to keep my hands warm. In recent years I’ve had the electric heater by the desk on during the day, but the cost of electricity has increased so much that this is now a last resort (before building a fire during the day).  Lucky me that I live in a temperate climate. This wouldn’t be an option for my friend Jane in Montreal.

Fortunately I am of good British stock. This means I have an inbred Dickensian acceptance that being cold during the day is character building. The line is drawn when you can see your breath in the air when you get out of bed in the morning. Other than that: add another layer of clothes.

And that, dear reader, is my fifteen minutes of fame for today. I have to get ready for my friend’s arrival. And the show must go on.

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