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Day thirteen

November 13, 2016

Crap, crap, crap. Back in August, when I was setting up a rehearsal schedule for the panto, how could I have guessed that it would be so annoying that this particular Sunday would start in the morning, not the afternoon? (Unavailability of our normal rehearsal venue.)

I don’t have time for a proper entry, but at least I can get started and hope I get back to it later.

First up, I have to admit that I lied yesterday. It wasn’t intended as a lie. It was a simple case of misremembering. (Whether that was willful or not, I couldn’t say.) I said that I hadn’t played a game of Spider Solitaire in twelve days. Untrue. The first couple of days of writing Black Dog Diary entries it was almost as if, by actually accomplishing something with my morning, I was giving myself permission to get lost in space. I did, on those first couple of days, lose hours in the afternoon to computer games. But – and this is that big but – by the third day something really did click into place. I’m not sure exactly what, but somehow actually accomplishing something in the morning inspired me to actually get things done with the rest of the day. Perhaps it’s as simple as I hadn’t started going to the gym yet, but I know it started (or rather stopped) before that.

Speaking of the gym, I really didn’t feel like going yesterday. I nearly didn’t. I nearly drove right past the gym on my way to the shop. But (another big but) somehow, without really thinking about it, I turned off the road and went to the gym. Okay, I didn’t do a full workout. I got on the treadmill and walked for a mile and a quarter (and apparently burning off 125 calories). That is certainly better than nothing, right? Because nothing is exactly what I’ve been doing for some years, so I know what doing nothing looks like. I met my goal of getting to the gym at least four times this week. Pat on the back for me.

And now I really do have to get ready for the rehearsal.

Okay, I’m back.

Great rehearsal. People are really picking up the pace, so much so that I’ve agreed to reinstate the song I took out. Not only do I no longer want to blow my brains out, I think I might actually sleep well.

Unfortunately, a non-performance issue has arisen (which I simply cannot be arsed to describe in detail) and I must devote some time to dealing with it.Fuck sake.

So, for today…

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