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What a knob

November 8, 2016

I wasn’t going to write anything about the US election today. What would be the point? In the immortal words of Doris Day: que sera sera. Plenty of time tomorrow to rant.

Then I went to the gym. Unlike yesterday, today I remembered to take my mp3 player, so I had Charles Aznavour to help with the tedium of the treadmill. The gym has a few wall-mounted televisions tuned to news channels, muted with sub-titles. Even though I had Aznavour, my eyes did keep flickering to the screen. Why? I asked myself. What was the point? It would be hours and hours before there were any actual results. But flicker they did and as a result I saw this.


CNN captured Donald Knobhead Trump checking on his wife Melania as she casts her vote. Of course, there’s the possibility he was worried she might have remembered she was a woman – and one who claims to find cyberbullying indefensible – and decided she simply could not vote for the awful man to whom she is married. Yes, that’s one possibility. But is that what this looks like? No, it isn’t. It looks as if Knobhead thinks his trophy wife is too stupid to fill out a ballot.

Okay, US women, forget, if you can, Pussygate and all the subsequent reports of sexual harassment and abuse that followed. Just look at this photo, US women, and ask yourself this: How would you feel if your other half thought you were too stupid to fill out a ballot? Granted, some of Knobhead’s slack-jawed female followers might not mind, but for the rest of you? Would you want a man who thinks any woman is too stupid to fill out her own ballot as your President?  No? Then, whether or not you like Hillary, get the fuck out of the house and cast a vote for her.

Mini-rant over. I’ll leave it to my favourite master ranter, Jonathan Pie, to explain the role of cocks in this election.

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