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Monday – Plotting my return

January 30, 2006

An e-mail from the office in London this morning. I thought we were all set to do a press trip to Malawi in early March with Rory Carroll from the Guardian, but he’s cancelled on us.

Paul wants to know if I’ve been anywhere in Nigeria that would merit a press visit. The answer is, of course, yes.

I’d love to take a journo to Fikayi (must remember to get some girlie tops, wear some jewellery and possibly even get my ears pierced before I return) and to Takkas (hurrah! possible return to Peace Guest House). I think my mate Antony at the Observer might be interested, especially if he could combine it with a more generic piece on Nigeria. Turns out Bankole used to work in the President’s office, so could easily facilitate some interviews with government officials. All sounds decidedly possible.

Before I left Paul told me that he would not have picked Nigeria for my first trip to an African country and I can understand why. Compared to Ghana and many of the other countries where we operate, Nigeria really is a mess, but I also suspect that, like other historic firsts, you always have a soft spot for the first African country you visit.

Fingers crossed that I will be back soon.

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