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Everything always…

March 13, 2023

… used to be straightforward.

I’d seen most, if not all, of the films that were nominated for awards.

I have loved the cinema since childhood. For not much money at all, my mother could send me to the Saturday matinee at the local cinema. At the time I just thought this was a huge treat for me. It wasn’t until years later that I realised what my single mum was paying for was four hours a week to herself. 

In my teens I had a friend who also loved films and we’d go into town most Friday evenings to see one. 

For a while in my twenties I was actually the film critic for the magazine where I worked. I saw every single film that was released. Even when I wasn’t in that job, I still went to the cinema regularly. 

In Vancouver in the 1990s Mike and I used to go to at least a couple of films a month. Back in London in the 2000s I also went regularly.

All of which is to say that by the time the Oscars (or BAFTAs) came around, I had opinions. I knew which film thought should win, which actors and actresses.

That was then. Now, if I want to go to see a film, I have to take the car on the ferry and go to town. I do not do this often. With the exception of the first in the new Star Wars series, the only films I’ve seen in the cinema in the past 10 years have involved Daniel Craig (the Bonds and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). 

Yes, I do stream films at home, but until recently (thanks to Covid) they didn’t become available until after award season was over.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch the Oscars (one of the few things my mum would let me stay up late for) and had not only seen – and was rooting for – one of the nominated films.  

Until last night.

Had a friend not highly recommended it, I’m not sure this is the film Joe and I would have chosen on Friday night, but I’m glad it was. 

I can’t compare Everything, Everywhere, All at Once to any of the other nominated films nor can I compare the performances of the actors, because I haven’t seen any of them. I don’t care. This was just one of those all too rare Holy Fuck films. I’m glad it made a sweep last night. (Suspect if there’d been a male lead, Brendan Fraser might have been SOL.)

I was happy for Michelle Yeoh, happy for Ke Huy Quan (who didn’t look anything like he did in the film) and happy for the Daniels. Nothing made me happier than seeing Jamie Lee Curtis win. 

Mention her mother’s name to anyone (who even knows the name) and this is almost certainly the first image that will pop into their minds.

Yes, the very same image I used when I wrote about how annoying it was that writers still had screaming women in their scripts. Name one other film Janet Leigh ever made.

Jamie Lee Curtis became defined (and dismissed) by her first role in Halloween. I confess I also dismissed her – until I saw A Fish Called Wanda and realised what a great comic actress she was.

So it was especially sweet to see her finally get the credit she deserved last night. She was absolutely brilliant in this film.

Now I suppose I should try to watch some of the other nominated films. I emphasise “some” because nothing could tempt me to watch the new Top Gun. And, having ignored Avatar the first time round, I have no interest in the second. 

Mostly I want to find out where I can stream Living. Had no idea the film even existed until Bill Nighy was nominated as best actor. I’m even willing to pay to rent it. Love that man.

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  1. krysross permalink

    Janet Leigh was also in Who Was that Lady with Tony Curtis and Dean Martin. It was one of my fave comedies when I was a kid. The scene where Curtis and Martin have been captured and drugged and think they are in an enemy sub and heroically try to sink it.


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